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How to become a leader: change of power in the industrial real estate of the north-west

At the end of 2016, according to the data from the reports of the analytics department of Knight Frank and Colliers International for 2016, A Plus Development became the leader in the market of industrial real estate in the North-West by the area of commissioned facilities – over 60 % of facilities were constructed and commissioned by the company since the beginning of the year.

Thus, the position of the leader was taken by a player that until recently was considered to be rather closed to the media. A few interviews given by the chief executives were limited to coverage of obvious issues; news about current and completed projects was rather brief; almost no information about further strategic and operational plans was disclosed.

The company exists since 2008; the team has been formed from the very beginning and has not been changed until now. An extensive list of the customers of A Plus Development includes the largest brands: X5 Retail Group, Decathlon, Redmond, ETM, Auchan, Ulmart, XPO Logistics, Darnitsa, etc. The company will start implementation of a project of Eldorado distribution center in Kazan in the nearest future, the relevant transaction was the largest one for the first three quarters of 2016 in the Russian market of industrial real estate; it is constructing the largest retail and distribution center in Tatarstan for ETM company; in November it commissioned Ulmart order fulfillment center, it was the largest leasing deal in the Russian industrial real estate market.

Each new project of the company becomes record-breaking in the relevant field. And the future promises to be even more eventful, because A Plus Development at the end of the current year has the highest in Russia volume of concluded contracts for the next year 2017.

The company offers design services, general contractor’s services, handles transactions according to the project implementation plan in compliance with the customer’s technical assignment, including finance structuring, and offers for sale land plots which are completely ready for construction.

In addition, the company even now offers ready-made modular solutions for small and medium-sized companies. This product will be implemented within the framework of a joint project with VTB Development – industrial park Maryino in Petrodvortsovy District of Saint Petersburg.

The main condition for competitiveness is flexibility. According to Vyacheslav Zelepuga, the Commercial Director of A Plus Development, the company has never had the practice of selling ready-made solutions in the conventional sense. All projects in the portfolio of A Plus Development are adaptive projects intended for a specific customer and focused on the customer’s needs. Of course, there are basic design solutions. But they are used rather as a starting point, which is finalized and implemented in that form and according to that scheme which meet the needs of the customer.

The choice of services and products depends on the customer. Even a quite specific request can allow implementation of several solutions at once, in the point of intersection of which there will be exactly what the customer is looking for. This applies also to the management of commercial real estate which is provided by A Plus Development to the fullest extent.

Holding the leading position in the North-West (according to the reports of the analytics department of Knight Frank and Colliers International for 2016), the company has never limited its interests to Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast. The regions of the country are of a high interest for investors, even with account of all nuances and peculiarities associated with work in any local market. A Plus Development is actively working on its projects in the largest cities of many other constituent entities of the Russian Federation. This is mainly related to development of the company’s own product – industrial A Plus Parks. At present, there are seven Parks: in addition to the North-West, where A Plus Parks are located in Shushary, Kolpino and Pushkin, Parks are also developed in Yekaterinburg, Perm, Volgograd and in the territory of the Alabuga Special Economic Zone (the Republic of Tatarstan).

A Plus Park Saint Petersburg-1 with an area of 72 hectares located in Shushary is the flagship Park. There is also the head office of A Plus Development itself. The Park has been developing since 2012 and it is now fully complete. According to Petr Gavyrin, the General Director of A Plus Development, the actual project implementation period turned out to be twice as short as the planned one. This project has become the key one in the “Best Investment Project in the Field of Development of Territories” nomination and has brought to A Plus Development the title of the “Investor of Year 2016” (the honorable “Investor of the Year” award granted by the Government of Saint Petersburg on a competitive basis is a prestigious form of recognition of the Russian and foreign investors, who have made the biggest contribution to the social and economic development of Saint Petersburg).

The near-term plans of the company include continuation of development of A Plus Park in Perm and Alabuga, where recently a contract has been signed with another resident – Danaflex, the leader in the Russian flexible packaging market. Alabuga with the privileges of a special economic zone is very attractive for different businesses. With the due support, which is now provided by the Government of Russia and Tatarstan, this location has great development prospects for residents and developers.

Vedomosti newspaper No. 236(4225) dated 15 December 2016

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