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Petr Gavyrin about Development of the south of Saint-Petersburg at the "Global South" conference

“Global South: from Strategic Decisions to Tactical Actions” conference organized within the framework of the International Spatial Development Forum with the assistance of Delovoy Peterburg newspaper was held in the Lectorium of the General Stuff Building on September 26.

Representatives of the government, business and active city audience interested in development of once depressive territories, which then attracted attention of developers and the Government of Saint Petersburg, gathered in the Lectorium of the General Stuff Building.

The participants in the discussion concluded that the South of Saint Petersburg had a very high potential and development dynamics. This is due to proximity of an airport, convenient transport logistics, proximity of federal roads, a seaport and a fairly large territory that allows implementation of large-scale projects with large amount of investments.

The general director of A Plus Development, Petr Gavyrin, stated that the Company commissioned in A Plus parks in the south of the city (Shushary and Kolpino) about 400,000 square meters of warehouse spaces and production facilities, including 200,000 square meters commissioned in 2016. He specified that 70 % of all warehouse spaces put into operation in the first half of 2016 in the territory of Saint Petersburg were provided by A Plus Development.

Petr emphasized that choice of location was made by the customers consciously and that produces tangible results for the south of Saint Petersburg. “Accommodation of large residents in our A Plus parks in Shushary, Pushkin and Kolpino has allowed creation of about 3,000 new jobs, increase in tax revenues for the budget and decrease in migration from these locations,” Peter noted. At present, Scania, Phillips, Darnitsa, distribution centers of Auchan, X5 Retail Group, Redmond, ETM and many others are accommodated in A Plus parks in the south of the city.

“We create not just an infrastructure, instead we strive to create a unique business climate that allows us to compete with other regions and even on the international level, because our customers before choosing A Plus park considered also the Eastern Europe and the Western Europe,” said Petr. 

Today, the concept of industrial parks is changing. Not only warehouses and production facilities, but also offices of international companies are arranged there; commercial functions, such as filling stations, laundries, hostels, shops, cafes, are added. Peter told about the plans of A Plus Development to add to their parks a social component: kindergartens, fitness centers, health facilities. “All these factors will facilitate increase of the level of entrepreneurial activities in the region,” he stated.

The business audience has also considered the problems of the location, the essence of which is as follows: despite all the actions of the authorities aimed at development of the south of Saint Petersburg as an attractive location for developers, the situation still leaves much to be desired.

Petr Gavyrin drew attention to the fact that the transport infrastructure, notwithstanding the already existing improvements, required further elaboration and development, and efforts in that direction should be intensified, especially with account of the number of companies which arranged their production facilities in Shushary and with account of the resulting influence on increase in jobs for local residents.

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