Industrial Real Estate
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Property Management

A Plus Development provides professional services on industrial property management, as well as facilities lease and purchase.



Build-to-suit (BTS) is a turnkey construction of a facility to meet client’s specific technical requirements.

Advantages of the Build-to-Suit model:

  • unique premises, entirely meeting the needs of your business,
  • facility tailored to your production layout,
  • effective use of areas, low-loss factor, minimization of operational expenses
  • a guaranteed result for construction.

Premises and buildings can be purchased or rented (with the option of subsequent purchase) in the ready-built facilities as well in those under construction.

Types of facilities:

  • A-grade warehouse,
  • multi-temperature warehouse,
  • manufacturing complex,
  • logistics center.


Management of sites

Facilities management is carried out by A Plus Development’s own management company that maintains the efficiency of industrial facilities and ensures the convenience and comfort of tenants and residents. We provide the following types of service:

Property management:

  • leasing services,
  • legal support,
  • technical and financial documentation management,
  • work with tenants.

Facility Management

We provide the following services:

  • electricity, heating and water supplies,
  • ventilation and air-conditioning,
  • plumbing and drainage,
  • fire prevention and extinguishing systems,
  • automated systems for security and access control,
  • regular preventive inspections,
  • round-the-clock monitoring of the condition of all engineering systems.


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